June 23, 2006

Dennis Hastert on ‘Hastert Highway’: Nothing to it

Republican Speaker of the House Hastert blames 'unrelenting Democratic media' for the criticisms of the $2 million windfall from selling land near his Plano, Illinois home.
'Nothing to it,'' said House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, asked about his $2 million windfall from selling land near his Plano home, a few miles from the proposed Prairie Parkway he has championed. [..]

At a GOP fund-raiser Monday, Hastert blasted what he called the "unrelenting Democratic media.''

He seems irritated at accusations of personal profit from the "Hastert Highway" and why he did not specifically describe the transactions on his disclosure statement, as required by the House Ethics Manual.

"I listed it the way the disclosure said I should list it, exactly," he said.
What Hastert really wanted to say, if those money hating liberals in the unrelenting media stop criticizing me for political purposes for profiting of a land deal, they can see that two million dollar windfall is not a big deal.

Making a two million dollar profit is a big deal outside of Republican controlled Washington D.C where millions of dollars seem like pocket change to politicians.

Or, maybe Hastert is right. There is nothing to it.

First, become a Republican. Next, become a Republican Congressmen. Follow by buying some farm land in your congressional district.

Second, buy more land in your congressional district. Next, obtain federal money to build the Highway through your district. Follow by selling piece your land near new Highway for a profit.

Third, blame unrelenting Democratic media for any criticism of the land deal. Next, distract the American people and unrelenting Democratic media by bashing gays, immigrants, brown foreign people and the rest. Then pass more tax cuts to keep a bigger share of your profits. Follow by selling the rest of your land for a bigger profit.

Nothing to it. Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money.


At June 23, 2006 12:30 PM, Blogger ESchmeltzer said...

Ha, love the Damon Wayans quote there at the end. The thing is, this is bigger than just Hastert - the lack of transparency is a way of life in DC. But it shouldn't have to be that way. Bill Allison, who broke this story, is looking for citizen journalists to help him go through EVERY OTHER MEMBER'S disclosure forms. If you want to help you should go to his blog at sunlightfoundation.com


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