June 8, 2006

Al-Zarqawi: Biden still clueless, Lieberman attacks Lamont

Senator Joe Biden the senior Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a likely failed 2008 presidential candidate on NBC’s “Today”.
The Senator from Delaware also said that he hopes [Zarqawi's death] improves President Bush's approval ratings. "We get one president at a time.... This election in November is not for President of the United States.... I hope it does improve his standing and emboldens him to take bolder moves in terms of his policy in Iraq.... His low ratings and his inability to rally support is a difficult position for the United States internationally."
Wrong Senator. Higher approval rating will only continue the failed policies of President Bush and of this disastrous Conservative Administration.

Senator Joe Lieberman on Don Imus’ program.
Sen. Lieberman went on to swipe Ned Lamont, the anti-Iraq war millionaire who is opposing him in Connecticut's Democratic Senate primary, by saying that Lamont's anti-Bush campaign "doesn't take a lot of courage."

Sen. Lieberman said he is countering Lamont's plea that Democrats "send a message" to Washington by telling them to "send a Senator to Washington who can protect them and get something done for them over the next six years."

Imus told Lieberman that he was supporting his re-election bid despite his "absurd support for this idiotic war."
Where is your courage Senator? You continue to support an ineffective Bush lead Iraq policy foolhardy. Attacking Ned Lamont principle stand on Iraq war without truthfully criticizing you own and President Bush roles in the Iraq policy, show your lack of courage.

Both Senators Joe & Joe are still clueless after all these years.


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