February 2, 2006

Fidel Castro & Republican economy

Mexican-Americans suffered economic set back under the Republican economy lead by President Bush.
– Mexican-American men saw their wages decline from 2001 to 2004, while wages for white and black men rose during that same period.

– Every measure of economic security – employment, wages, health insurance and pension insurance – declined for Mexican-American women.
Those awful economic numbers remind of a story my Father told me about Fidel Castro. I do not know if story is true, but there it goes. During the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro promise Black Cubans the same living and economic standards as White middle class Cubans if they joined the Revolution. Fidel Castro did not break this promise, now Black and White Cubans now have the same economic standards, poverty.

As American Progress notes, Hispanic-Americans are struggling under the Republican economy. But just like Fidel Castro economy, the Republican economy is color bind.
– Since March 2001, the economy has had the lowest job growth of any business cycle since the Great Depression.

– Weekly wages, in inflation-adjusted terms, have declined for the past three years and by Dec. 2005, they were below the level of Nov. 2001, when the economic recovery reportedly started.

– Since 2000, the number of workers receiving a pension or health insurance from his or her employer continues to decline.
If you work for a living, the Republican economy is going to leave you worst off no matter what the color of your skin is.

(Hat Tip to Think Progress)


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