January 9, 2006

Life Without DeLay

Washington Post:
And there is a more fundamental question that the Abramoff mess, and the DeLay departure, ought to prompt House leaders to ask themselves -- or that voters may ask, and answer, for them: What is the purpose of the Republican majority? Is it simply, as some of the leadership's behavior would suggest, to amass, cement and retain power by whatever means necessary? Or, as Republicans claimed when they came to power a decade ago, do they stand for something: a different method of doing business, a belief in limited government, commitment to spending restraint? If there is a role for the Republican machine other than self-perpetuation, it's awfully hard to discern right now.
Limited government and spending restraint was just false rhetoric use by Republican politicians to gain power. The only goal of Republicans is to hold on to their corrupt supremacy over American people and its politics.


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