January 9, 2006

What About Dennis Hastert?

Republican leader Tom Delay step down as majority leader to ‘reclaiming’ his seat on the Appropriations Committee. The Republican party is replacing Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham a criminal by appointing a big crook Tom Delay to the Appropriations Committee.

As Republican Rep. Roy Blunt and John Boehner wrestle to replace Tom Delay as House majority leader, Is Dennis Hastert safe in this leadership position as speaker of the House?
In the first sign that even Hastert could be in trouble, Rep. John E. Sweeney (R-N.Y.) said Republicans should consider whether to replace the speaker. "The time is right for us to do some soul-searching and have an open dialogue about the direction of the House."
Republican Dennis Hastert and Tom Delay are tied together, you can not have one with out the other. If Tom Delay has to step down, Speaker of the House should be next. Republican Hastert received $69,000 in contributions from corrupt Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff and Indian tribes represented by the lobbyist..
The guilty plea by lobbyist Jack Abramoff could bring renewed scrutiny of a letter sent by House Speaker Dennis Hastert of Illinois to Interior Secretary Gale Norton urging her to block an Indian casino opposed by rival tribes represented by Abramoff just one week after the lobbyist hosted a fundraiser for Hastert's political action committee. [...]

Indian tribes represented by Abramoff donated more than $20,000 to Hastert around the time of the fundraiser, which was held at Signatures, a Washington restaurant owned by Abramoff. Hastert's campaign committee did not pay the tab for the June 3, 2003, luncheon fundraiser until last year, following media inquiries about the unpaid check.

Hastert, who wields considerable influence as the top-ranking Republican in the House, was joined in his letter to Norton by three of the most powerful House Republican leaders: former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, then-Majority Whip Roy Blunt and Chief Deputy House Whip Eric Cantor, all of whom also received campaign contributions from Indian tribes represented by Abramoff.
House Speaker Dennis Hastert with other Republicans did the bidding of corrupt Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff with a letter to Interior Secretary Gale Norton after a fundraiser at Jack Abramoff Signatures Washington restaurant.

This is just one example of the influence of Jack Abramoff over Republican leadership in the House and the conservative movement. Do not forget to add Hastert name to long list of corrupt conservative Republican politicians Delay, Rove, Bush, Cheney, Libby, Frist, Ney, Cunningham and going ...

Also, check out Simon Maxwell Apter profile in American Prospect of Dennis Hastert. It is a good article, but Apter should have left out lame Saturday Night Live’s “Wayne’s World” comments about Aurora, Illinois which is the biggest town in Dennis Hastert House district. Wayne’s World Aurora is not the Aurora I grew up in.


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