January 30, 2006

GOP Talking Point: “Criminalization of Politics”

What happen to “criminalization of politics” Republican talking point?
It became clear that a comprehensive strategy of criminalization had been implemented to inflict defeat on conservatives who seek to govern as conservatives. -- Bill Kristol 10/24/2005
Following Bill Kristol lead Fox News repeated this talking point over and over.
According to a database search, every single television reference to the CIA leak scandal as the “criminalization of politics” in the last 30 days has been on Fox. Even more stunning: on every occassion, the phrase was introduced into the segment by a Fox News anchor or correspondent, never by a guest.
Even, Tom Delay use this talking point to defend himself. But the old conservative talking points are now inoperative, due to the fact many Republican politicians are turning out to be criminal.

(Hat Tip to Oliver Willis)


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