August 30, 2005

Chicago Mayor Luis Gutierrez?

Chicago Mayor Daley political future in doubt with scandals at Chicago City Hall and an ongoing federal corruption investigation, potential candidates are stepping forward. Rep. Luis Gutierrez is a possible candidate for Mayor of Chicago.
"Would I like to one day run for mayor of the City of Chicago? Absolutely," said Rep. Luis Gutierrez, (D)-Chicago.
Rep. Luis Gutierrez calls for Daley administration to come competently clean on hired truck scandal.
Chicago Congressman Luis Gutierrez says he is thinking more seriously than ever about running for mayor in 2007 because the massive corruption scandal raises serious questions about the city's direction and the credibility of a mayor whose administration claims not to know how Angelo Torres, a former gang member with political clout, became the head of the scandal-ridden, $40-million-a-year Hired Truck program.

"How does someone get an $80,000-plus-a-year job, and no one in city government knows how he got it? Listen, no one in the City of Chicago believes that they don't know, and I think that they have to come completely clean," said Gutierrez.
I said it before, Chicago Mayor Daley has to go. Corruption is not a Democratic value and I am not willing to give corruption a free pass if it has a ‘D’ in front of there name. Talking tough is a good start by the Congressman, but it will take more than rhetoric to win in Chicago. If Gutierrez ever want to become mayor the time to run is in 2007 against Daley machine.


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