August 25, 2005

IL-Gov: Governor vs. Governor?

A column in the Daily Illini, independent student newspaper of University of Illinois, by Matt Simmons makes the case to Democrats to continue supporting Gov. Rod Blagojevich re-election, Let's stay blue.
The most important Democrat in the state is in danger of being replaced by a Republican in 2006.

Recent polls show that Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's approval ratings have plummeted to 35 percent. A rating so low can only mean that state Democrats have turned against him. But I am clueless as to why Democrats are not behind Blagojevich, especially after considering what he has been able to accomplish in his first term.
Matt Simmons notes Gov. Rod Blagojevich accomplishments in education, health coverage, minimum wage and this strong record on social issues.
Since Blagojevich has been in office, Illinois increased spending on education by $2.3 billion and has sent more than 25,000 children to pre-school. Under Blagojevich, an additional 313,000 parents and children have health coverage and minimum wage is up while taxes are still virtually the same as they were under GOP leadership. These accomplishments are even more impressive when you consider that he inherited huge deficits, a recession and was hit by the President's tax cuts that stripped Illinois of billions of dollars.

Blagojevich's record on social issues is just as solid. He has been a consistent supporter of common sense gun control. His agenda for protecting the citizens of Illinois includes requiring child safety locks on all handguns, background checks at gun shows and protecting laws that allow the state police to track firearm purchases.
Matt Simmons final point is Republican governor will thwart Democratic legislature and continue GOP dreadful governing of states.
Even though the Democrats control both houses of the legislature, a Republican governor could hurt the progress Illinois has made in recent years. A Republican governor will most likely bring irresponsible tax cuts that will increase the state's deficit. A Republican governor would side with the extremist in the National Rifle Association and vote against the safety of the families and neighborhoods of Illinois. A Republican governor could bring the state-sanctioned homophobia that plagues most of America to Illinois. A Republican governor will attack affirmative action and hate crime laws that have protected minorities for so long.

The stakes are simply too high for democrats not to support Governor Blagojevich. Republicans are playing for keeps and will not hesitate to impose their right-wing agenda on the people of Illinois. Republicans rallied around the President to keep control of the country. Democrats need to do the same if they want Illinois to stay blue.
As a Democrat who did not vote for Gov. Rod Blagojevich in the Democratic primary in 2002, Matt Simmons makes a good case for Blagojevich. I am not very ecstatic over the Illinois Governor first term, but I will vote for him again if he is the Democratic candidate.

Gov. Rod Blagojevich advisers assume former Gov. Jim Edgar will run and planning an aggressive campaign against Republican.
Current governor Blagojevich's re-election campaign has a message for former governor Jim Edgar: if you do run against Rod, you'll face the toughest attacks you've ever seen and a review of the old MSI scandal.

'This was something people went to jail for. And at least five of his top staff people were called unindicted co-conspirators. Now does Jim Edgar want to come back from the Rocky Mountains or wherever he's been handing out and face the music? I don't think so,' said Pete Giangreco with the Blagojevich campaign. [..]

'He was a do-nothing governor. I can't think of anything over eight years as a lasting legacy of Jim Edgar,' Giangreco said.
Republicans politicians across Illinois are making plans just in case Gov. Jim Edgar jumps in the race, some republicans voters and tried of Jim Edgar waiting game.

The game-playing by former Governor Jim Edgar on a decision to run for his old office is all too indicative of the utter contempt shown the citzens of this state by the Republican state "leadership."

What will it take for this state's voters to realize that those who deem themselves "leaders" are not part of the solution, but part of the problem.

Mr. Edgar, I call upon you to state, right now, what your intentions are, so that those who wish to try for the Governor's mansion know where they stand and can plan accordingly.

Mr. Edgar, I resent strongly your attempt to set yourself up as some sort of minor diety in Illinois politics. And I demand that the State Republican "leadership" get out of the way, resigning, if necessary to allow the electoral process to happen the way it should.

The time for "leaders" who are for more concerned with their perks and power is past, let the Illinois Republican Party move forward.
Gov. Rod Blagojevich with his huge war chest is planning an aggressive campaign against Republicans, Is current Golden Boy for the Republican party of Illinois Jim Edgar ready for a long campaign? The longer Edgar waits to make up this mind, all the rest of the GOP candidates are going to look like lightweights against Gov. Blagojevich. I only wish the Illinois GOP was in charge or the RNC.


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