January 29, 2008

Top Five

A quick rundown of the posts I have read during my travels around the series of tubes.

- Oliver Willis: Our long national nightmare is almost over.
Let the next year produce a president whose state of the union addresses don't produce embarrassed cringes but rather make our hearts soar with pride fitting of Americans.
- Open Left: RNC Chairman Mike Duncan is full of it.

- Digby: Is former California Governor Gray Davis that clueless?

- Crooks & Lairs: Republican Presidential Candidates McCain and Romney are calling each other names; it got so bad that each of them called the other a liberal.

- Fan House: I first came across Skip Bayless during this time in Chicago as a sports columnist, but now he is a mainstay at ESPN2’s morning show. Skip Bayless should have stuck to writing, he acts like a fool and the TV.


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