October 11, 2007

Camp Clinton Disingenuous Rhetoric

Yes, disingenuous is the right word for it.
Not straightforward or candid; insincere or calculating.
In a pervious diary, I pointed out the Clinton campaign lead by campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson continues to twist the meaning of Senator Obama ‘politics of hope’ into one should not dare to criticize anyone, especially Senator Clinton, if you believe in new kind of politics. Once again, Senator Obama emphasizes a contrast in between himself and Senator Clinton and the Camp Clinton drag out their standard reply.
It's unfortunate that Sen. Obama is abandoning the politics of hope and embracing the same old attack politics as his support stagnates.
I have to credit the Clinton campaign; they are winning the language battle.
The most remarkable political triumph of this campaign was the Clinton campaign effectively defining Barack Obama's "new politics" as "not attacking Hillary Clinton by name." Obama, of course, could have defined the new politics however he wanted, from a focus on transformative policy to a willingness to call out the DC establishment. Instead, he let the Clinton camp define his message in a way advantageous to them.
It’s still very disingenuous, rather than having an actual debate the Clinton campaign continues use Karl Rove type rhetoric to avoid criticism. I don’t fault the Clinton campaign; this is common campaign tactic. I fully except Howard Wolfson to issue their standard reply to Senator Obama new ad.


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