May 26, 2007

Thompson Smears Reagan & Immigrants

Only if President Ronald Reagan did not sign into law the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 our great Nation would not have been attacked by suicidal maniacs, according to the next Ronald Reagan and savoir of the Republican Party Fred Thompson.
Fred Thompson, a potential Republican presidential candidate, suggested that the 1986 immigration law signed by President Reagan is to blame for the country's illegal immigrants, and he bemoaned a nation beset by "suicidal maniacs."

"Twelve million illegal immigrants later, we are now living in a nation that is beset by people who are suicidal maniacs and want to kill countless innocent men, women and children around the world," the former Tennessee senator said. "We're sitting here now with essentially open borders."
The AP reporter is too kind to the ex-Senator and current actor Fred Thomson. I read the quote over and over, it seem to me that Thomson is blaming the illegal immigrants living in the United States of America for acts of suicidal maniacs. I don’t see the correlation of my parents and 2.7 million illegal immigrants become American citizens under the Reagan amnesty passed in 1986 to the current actions of Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. Bashing illegal immigrants and linking them to terrorism will make Conservative base feel all warm and fuzzy inside but, it’s a racially tinged argument and it does not address the serious issue of terrorism or immigration.


At May 26, 2007 4:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The truth is... he's right. He's absolutely correct. This is another kernal of History that will prove how damaging Reagan's policies WERE/ARE to our Country. Reagan's overall legacy will be proven to have hurt the USA and the world.

At May 26, 2007 4:38 PM, Blogger Eloy said...

So, you think is Fred Thompson correct in linking Reagan amnesty passed in 1986 to the current actions of Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups?

At May 26, 2007 10:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is NOT what I'm saying. Although, Reagan DID trade arms for hosteges and did sign the 1986 amnesty that has caused the CURRENT problem with illegals. The ARms for hosteges MAY ACTUALLY BE somewhat related to the terrorist groups. I'll amend my statement, as a LIBERAL I will have to agree with Fred Thompson.


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