May 25, 2007

John ‘08 McCain is Full of It

The Straight Talk Express bypass honesty to hackville.
Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) last month, recounting a conversation with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ):
The day before we begin the debate on the Iraq bills, he pulled me aside on the Senate floor and said, Jim, we do not want the situation we had in the Vietnam War. We do not want one side impugning the patriotism of the other side.
McCain today:
I was very disappointed to see Senator Obama and Senator Clinton embrace the policy of surrender by voting against funds to support our brave men and women fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This vote may win favor with MoveOn and liberal primary voters, but it’s the equivalent of waving a white flag to al Qaeda.
While in hackville, Senator McCain decides to misinform the American people about this Democratic opponents.
Which of these comes closest to your opinion? 1. Congress should block all funding for the war in Iraq no matter what; 2. Congress should allow funding, but only on the condition that the U.S. sets benchmarks for progress and the Iraqi government are meeting those goals; OR 3. Congress should allow all funding for the war without any benchmark conditions.

Block all 13%
Fund with benchmarks 69%
Allow all 15%
Does the Senator believe nearly 70% of the American public supports waving white flag?


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