May 25, 2007

Quote of the Day

Senator Jim Webb of Virginia:
"I worked very hard to try to persuade the Democratic leadership to include clear, restrictive language in this Supplemental. I did not succeed, and was disappointed in many of the provisions that remained. However, we are working under the reality that, on the issue of Iraq, this Senate does not have a Democratic majority. From the outset, we are a minority of 49, given Senator Lieberman’s position on the war. This reality dictates our conduct. On the one hand, I find myself unable to vote against a measure that is necessary to fund our troops who are now in harm’s way. On the other, I will not relent from my continuing efforts to bring this occupation to an end."
The Senator does make a good point. The Democratic Party is actually in the minority in the Senate because Senator Joe Lieberman is just a Democrat in name only. But, the Senator still should have voted ‘No’.


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