April 6, 2007

Bill O'Reilly Unhinged

Bill O'Reilly hates illegal immigrants. This hatred has let him to attempt to score cheap political points in the tragic death of a young girl killed by a drunk driver.
In the entire, dark, black history of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, this is probably the craziest clip ever. A young girl was tragically killed by a drunk driver. But this was not enough for O'Reilly. Instead, because the criminal was an illegal alien he added this incident to his ongoing crusade against the brown people. Luckily Geraldo was on the show and he - to his credit - called out O'Reilly's xenophobia for exactly what it was. This drove Bill O'Reilly insane. I was almost certain he was going to reach across the table and hit Geraldo.

The father of young girl who died responds to Bill O'Reilly.
The mayor and Tessa Trachant's father both said that making an issue out of immigration loses the focus that the girls were killed by a man that police said was driving drunk.

Ray Trachant said, "We need to heal, and to bring immigration, that's disrespectful to a family who's just mourning."
Indeed. It is very disrespectful.


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