April 5, 2007

Senator Clinton Worst Nightmare

A well funded Democratic contender.
Sen. Barack Obama's announcement Wednesday that he has raised nearly as much money as Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton this year, bringing in $25 million for his presidential bid from a wide array of contributors, shakes up the race and makes it clear no Democrat will enjoy the early dominance the former first lady had been trying to establish.
The junior Democratic Senator of Illinois is giving President Clinton and Senator Clinton a ballgame. Part of Senator Clinton appeal for the Democratic nomination was her fundraising capabilities lead by former President Clinton. What makes Senator Barack Obama numbers so impressive it matches the efforts of President Clinton and Senator Clinton combined.
The New York Times reported last week that Bill was was used in 17 fundraisers over the course of 6 weeks by the Clinton campaign this quarter.
If you take a closer look at Senator Obama fundraising it shows he has a deep base to increase this campaign war chest.
Obama raised $6.9 million—more than a quarter of his total—over the Internet from more than 50,000 online donors, a base of supporters his campaign hopes to cultivate into regular givers. His campaign said 90 percent of the online contributions were for $100 or less. [..]

His campaign said that at least $23.5 million of its first-quarter collection would be available for the primary campaign, an important distinction because candidates are able to raise money now for both the primary and general elections.
Again, this is Senator Clinton worst nightmare.


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