April 4, 2007

Open-ended War

If Kevin Drum was a Congressional Democrat, this is what he would say to President Bush and the American people.
It's unfortunate that President Bush continues to play chicken with the well-being of our troops in the field. Up on the Hill we're working hard to pass a bill that fully funds the war in Iraq, but today the president warned that "if either the House or Senate version of this bill comes to my desk, I will veto it." Apparently it's more important for him to play political games than it is to get our commanders on the ground the funds they desperately say they need.

And what is it that's so important that he's willing to risk the safety of our men and women in uniform? His continuing insistence on open-ended war, with no benchmarks for progress, no accountability to the public, and no end in sight.

This is no place for politics. President Bush has a chance to sign a bill that contains every dollar he's asked for, along with sensible, flexible benchmarks for standing up Iraqi troops and finally bringing our soldiers home. In a time of war, it would be irresponsible for the commander-in-chief to veto this legislation while our troops in combat are waiting for the funds.

It is President Bush who is denying troops in the field vital funding for the war effort with this veto threat. The supporters of President Bush Iraq war policy are for open-ended war with out any accountability and no plan to bring the troops back home. The Democrats in Congress offer a new approach.
1. Fully fund the troops.
2. Embrace a plan with enforced benchmarks.
3. The war in Iraq must not be open-ended.
4. The status quo is a disaster; phased withdrawal offers hope.
It’s a time for change.


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