March 19, 2007

Why is Rudy running?

Rudy Giuliani whole presidential campaign is base on this national security credentials. His supporters dismiss his liberal social views will hurt him in a Republican primary because he has this national security credentials. Basically, Rudy Giuliani is running for President of 9/11.

Which lead to Markos of Daily Kos to ask the following questions.
What "national security" experience does Giuliani actually have? Other than being mayor of a city that got hit with a terrorist attack?

Republican Rudy Giuliani is going to play on people fears to disguise his lack of national security experience to the American public.
Up on the dais, it’s Rudy’s turn to raise the subject of the terror attacks. September 11 is proving to be a versatile tool. In Delaware, he used it to invoke heroism. Here, it’s all about scaring the bejesus out of country folk. Someone asks him what his management style would be as president if there was another Katrina or terrorist attack.

The secret is to be prepared for anything, Rudy says. Terrorism can happen in New York or Boston or in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, “one of the smallest towns in the United States.”

The punchy good cheer of this small town is replaced with grave attention. Rudy notes that he once spoke to the Shanksville high-school graduating class. “But for the grace of God and the bravery of the people who brought that plane down,” he says, “those kids wouldn’t be with us.”

Tonight’s attendees, of course, have a far greater chance of being killed on an icy road on the way home tonight than via a plane falling out of the sky. But those are facts; Giuliani is playing on emotion and fear.
Playing the fear card worked for President Bush in 2004, Giuliani is just following this lead.


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