March 19, 2007

Things are not going well for John ’08 McCain

It must be rough on the old guy. This best chance to become President was in 2000, but put Karl Rove end to this dreams in South Carolina with nasty attacks. Now, Karl Rove now denies being involved in the smear, but it’s a little bit too late to help John ’08 McCain.

McCain learned from these mistakes and vow to follow in President Bush footsteps. He had hired sleazy strategist in the mold of Karl Rove. He ditch the straight talk express and started to pander to the Christian right. He his so much of a pander, he could not even answer a simple question about condoms and ADIS without checking in with Dr. James Dobson first. Not to be out done by President Bush, McCain advocated escalation of the Iraq war to show how tough he is. Which lead to President adopt the ‘McCain doctrine’.

Still Conservatives don’t trust the man, even after this countless number of flip-flops. John ’08 McCain is afraid to show up at meeting of Club for Growth because he will get booed.

How much longer can he keep this up?


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