March 19, 2007


Democratic Senator Barack Obama of Illinois responds to the criticism of this lack of experience.
I've got some experience in but--what I understand, I guess what you're saying is, that I don't enough Washington experience. And what I tell people when they tell me that is, it's true I haven't been to Washington that long. But I've been in Washington long enough to know that Washington needs to change. And that's the reason I'm running for President.
Senator Obama does lack Washington experience. This is a good thing. Democratic Senators experienced in the ways of Washington like Dodd, Biden, Clinton, and Kerry all voted for Iraq war authorization in 2002. While Illinois State Senator Obama stated his opposition to Iraq war. Washington clouded their judgment. I do think experience is needed, but having the conviction to oppose misadventure of Iraq from the beginning is the kind of leadership needed in America. Washington has become corrupted.

It’s a time for change.

Obama for President.


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