November 16, 2006

Republican staffer attacks Sen. Boxer & Global Warming

Republican senator James M. Inhofe top press aide goes off the deep end and attacks incoming Chairman of Environment and Public Works Committee senator Boxer for planning to hold global warming hearings.
Congressional Republicans who have handled environmental policy for the past decade say they worry the new Democratic majority will use its power to pursue a "radical" agenda that will hurt businesses.

Republicans warn of endless hearings on global warming that require sworn testimony, new regulations on businesses, and investigations meant to embarrass the Bush administration.

They say future environmental panels will be "radical" and "extreme," especially in the Senate with California Democrat Barbara Boxer as the incoming chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee.

"There's a lot of genuine concern we're going to start dragging in oil companies, utilities and manufacturers and start treating them like criminals," said a Republican staff member of the Senate panel. "She's pretty out there."

But Mrs. Boxer and others say outgoing Republican Chairman James M. Inhofe -- who calls global warming a "hoax" -- is the one with views outside the mainstream.

Mr. Inhofe's top press aide said at a climate change conference in Kenya this week that global warming skeptics have been "demonized."
The Environment and Public Works Committee goes from senator James M. Inhofe who was a zero score from The League of Conservation Voters to senator Boxer who has 100% score and believes in scientists rather then fiction.
Inhofe rejects a wide scientific consensus that human use of fossil fuels is largely responsible for catastrophic climate change, calling it "the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people." He's accused environmental activists of exploiting people's fears to raise money. And he's blocked legislation aimed at curbing global warming.

Global warming hearings are planned for after the new year.
Boxer said Tuesday that starting in January, her priority will be to begin "a very long process of extensive hearings" on global warming.

"I think there ought to be a global-warming bill that looks at all the contributors to carbon-dioxide emissions," she said. She cited California's legislation requiring automakers to reduce emissions as "an excellent role model."

Boxer also wants to boost the cleanup of Superfund toxic-waste sites by reinstating "polluter pays" fines, which lapsed under the Bush administration, and increase oversight of the Environmental Protection Agency.
One of the many benefits of Democrats holding the majority in the Senate, actual committee hearings for the American people and the environment rather for big business.


Senator calls UN climate meeting "brainwashing"
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate's most vocal global warming skeptic, James Inhofe, on Thursday dismissed a U.N. meeting on climate change as "a brainwashing session."

Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican who will step down as chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee in January, told a news conference, "The idea that the science (on global warming) is settled is altogether wrong."


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