November 15, 2006

Katherine Harris to Write "Tell-All" Book

Katherine Harris is going to expose how Florida GOP leadership, former campaign staffers and the 'liberal media' conspired to undermine her coronation to the United States Senate in a 'tell-all' book.
The Sarasota congresswoman, who grabbed the national spotlight during Florida's disputed vote count in the 2000 election, is far behind Sen. Bill Nelson in the polls and has weathered a rocky and controversial campaign.

Harris wouldn't talk details at a campaign appearance Friday, but she was quoted Friday in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune as saying it would be a "tell-all" book about the conspiracy to undermine her Senate bid.

"You'll have to wait and read it," she said. In the past, Harris has blamed the "party elite," the media and disgruntled staffers for her campaign problems.
Please, do not worry about Katherine Harris. She has many options in front of her, like run for a Sarasota County seat.
Harris' future remains uncertain. After a stint in the Florida Senate, a term as elected secretary of state - the office she held when she certified Florida's votes for President Bush in the 2000 recount - and two terms in Congress, Harris might be done.

"Never say never, but I would tend to think so," Ingram said. "She's done a lot of damage to herself and her reputation. How do you fix that? You have to start by admitting you have a problem, and I don't think Katherine even recognizes she has a problem."

Paulson said Harris would likely have to start at the bottom - perhaps a Sarasota County seat - and try to rebuild her severely damaged credibility. Jewett suggested she might be viable again running for the Legislature or her old congressional seat someday, but can't see her ever being elected to statewide office.
Any suggestions on a name for her 'tell-all' book?


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