November 1, 2006

IL-Gov: I might vote Green

Or, I might not.

Rockford Register Star:
Rich Whitney for governor

Only in the surreal realm of Illinois politics could red and blue combine to produce green.

The blue party candidate, Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich, has danced as fast as he can on the campaign trail in a vain attempt to stay ahead of allegations of personal corruption and fiscal irresponsibility.

The red party’s pick, Republican state Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka, has conducted a negative and unfocused campaign that doesn’t inspire confidence she could lead the state. Her main qualification is having a lower indictment potential than the incumbent.

There is a choice, and this Editorial Board is making it by endorsing Rich Whitney, the Green Party candidate, for Illinois governor.
The Rockford Register Star endorsement of the Green Party candidate Rich Whitney for governor of Illinois is not a call for the politics of Ralph Nader rather it's a call for better options.
Some readers will perceive this endorsement as quixotic. We view it as pragmatic rather than foolishly idealistic. This endorsement is our battle cry: Illinois voters deserve better options.

Whitney is a serious candidate who could do the job. He might not win, but we hope he gets enough votes so Illinoisans have more of a choice when they go to the polls in the future.

When he wrapped things up in his visit to the Editorial Board last month, he said he hoped people would learn more about him so that they could “vote their convictions, instead of their fears.” We would consider that a victory.
I agree, as voters we need better options. I'm as liberal and as loyal to the Democratic Party as the next person, but I can not over look Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich ethical troubles. I'm not willing to give corruption a free pass even if it has a "D" front of its name. The culture of corruption must come to an end in both parties.

Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich along with Democratic controlled Congress in Illinois has pass progressive legislations to better improved people lives. Reelecting Rod Blagojevich might lead to more of our progressive principles becoming state policy but at what cost? An ethical troubled Governor who might turn a soild blue state to a red one if he can not right this ship. We can not rail against Republicans deep-seated corruption without booting out our politicians. I voted against the Rod Blogojevich in the primary, most Democratic voters did not. Now I face a choice stay with blue, turn to red or vote green. Vote my convictions, insteard of my fears. I fear a Judy Baar Topinka lead Illinois. I dislike and do not trust the Green Party. I have no alternatives in the race for governor.

I might vote Green.

Now, I understand why some people do not vote at all.


At November 03, 2006 5:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will be voting Green too!


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