October 25, 2006

IL-6: Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Celebrity and controversy mark 6th race
In a day on the 6th Congressional District campaign trail that accentuated their divergent strategies, Democrat Tammy Duckworth rallied with actor Michael J. Fox to push for federal funding for embryonic stem cell research while Republican Peter Roskam toured four towns to discuss local transportation needs. [..]

Before a crowd of about 200 Duckworth supporters at a Wheaton country club, Fox called the promise that embryonic stem cell research holds "the greatest positive there could be" during a political season focused heavily on negatives.

Duckworth pledged to support federal funding of embryonic stem cell research in Congress, saying: "We need someone in Washington who will put science above politics.

"Unfortunately hope is something that is in shorter supply today than it should be because there are some who instead of supporting these advances have put in place road blocks and hurdles."
This is a big issue for me, I'm a paraplegic due to a spinal cord injury. Embryonic stem cell research gives people like Michael J. Fox and I hope for a cure. It might not happen in my life time but, research should not be stop by politicians in the cause of being "pro-life". It is very unfortunate that this has become a partisan issue by Republicans which lead Rush Limbaugh to mock Michael J. Fox then later apologize for this attacks. It has become clear one party (Democratic Party) will fully support embryonic stem cell research while the other party (GOP) will not. It's an other reason to support Democratic candidates in the upcoming elections.

Check out this hard hitting ad.

Correction : Rush Limbaugh did not apologized for this attacks on Michael J. Fox.


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