October 27, 2006

Sports Illustrated: Most Overrated Player

Can you guess what Chicago Bear made the list?
Brian Urlacher finished second to Terrell Owens as the "most overrated player" in a Sports Illustrated poll of 361 NFL players. Owens was the "winner" at 10 percent to Urlacher's 8 percent, followed by Ray Lewis and Michael Vick (7) and Eli Manning and Keyshawn Johnson (4.1).

Don't try selling that to the Bears.

"Bunch of haters, in my opinion," said defensive coordinator Ron Rivera, who wondered why players would participate in a survey trashing each other. Coach Lovie Smith simply dismissed the results.

"I'll just say I was watching Monday night [against Arizona] and I saw a pretty good football player," Smith said.

Brian Urlacher is the best middle linebacker in NFL. Almost every single football team will exchange their linebacker for Urlacher, even for Ray Lewis who is a few years past his prime. Urlacher might not get all the sacks or interceptions but, he makes every single play which is ask of him. Urlacher put his team on his back and will the Chicago Bears to victory on Monday Night versus the Cardinals. This poll is worthless.


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