October 24, 2006

Share the Wealth John Kerry

New York Times:
Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, the Democratic presidential nominee in 2004, came under fire last week when it was pointed out that he had contributed only $15,000 this year to the party’s senatorial committee. Heyjohn.org, whose creator has remained anonymous, highlights the fact that Mr. Kerry has $14 million in his campaign accounts.

Dismissing the criticism, his spokesman, David Wade, said Mr. Kerry had contributed $2.8 million to campaign committees, state parties and individual candidates in this election cycle. And in appearances across the country and in Internet appeals, Mr. Wade said, the senator has helped raise about $7 million for candidates.

“Cowards can hide behind anonymous Web sites,” Mr. Wade said, “but Democrats out in the country, party leaders and real net-roots activists know how hard John Kerry has fought to win these elections.”
Insulting loyal Democrats who funding your '04 Presidential run is not a bright idea for a Senator who lost and is going to run again in '08. Democrats across the county will remember Democratic politicaians who sat on thier big warchest while Democratic candidates stuggle to fight off negative GOP attacks ads and GOTV efforts by the Repubicans. If those Democratic candidates lose due to the lack of funds, people like John Kerry will have a pice to pay.


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