November 10, 2005

Religion, Values & Traditional Democrats

The Washington Post
In Virginia, victorious candidate Timothy M. Kaine ran a campaign at odds with the strategy of many traditional Democrats, one that focused on religion and values and that appealed as much to swing voters as to the party's base.
Dan Balz is just repeating the old CW about Democrats and Republicans. The Republican party is the party of faith and values and the Democratic Party is not. Any time a Democrat like Kaine talks about his faith and values the candidate is reaching out to swing voters not to the traditional Democratic base.

Dan Balz should try to leave beltway.

Joshua Holland over at the Gadflyer points out letter to the editor in Salt Lake Tribune.
After hearing the GOP's proposed budget that plans to cut spending for foster care and nutritional programs while simultaneously proposing in excess of $50 billion in tax cuts, I had to respond to this naked cynicism.

For a party that espouses evangelical Christian values, this is like removing Matthew 25:31-46 from the Bible and giving the Pharisees any savings. Excellent foster care allows women an option to abortion. Isn't this a Christian solution rather than legislating morality?

Isn't feeding the poor a Christian ideal? Imagine Christ telling the multitude of 5,000 that this is an "ownership society" and to go feed themselves. Imagine Christ teaching that children are important inside the womb, but that after birth they are on their own, depending on their circumstances.

If you want a Christian government, put your money where your mouth is rather than empty words.

Edwin Maynard

This letter to the editor shows how out of step the CW is in the beltway. The media lets Republicans repeat over and over they are the party of faith and values without pointing out the their hypocrisy, duplicity and two-facedness of their agenda.

My faith and values lead to me the Democratic Party. A campaign of values and religion is not as odds with traditional Democrats, at least to should not be.


At November 10, 2005 7:24 PM, Blogger Kankakee Voice said...

And Amen again. It continually drives me crazy that seemingly intelligent people will fight so hard to save a potential life in the womb, and not give a damn about it (or the mother) once it's born - and ignore facts that show grown children are dying in a war that was based on lies. How could they not care about that - at least want to find out the truth?


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