August 12, 2005


To what level will they sink?
Cindy Sheehan returns entering stage right -- this time a left wing media whore in the form of a grieving mother.

. . . But, other mothers have gone through what Mrs. Sheehan has gone through and many are offended by her actions, thinking her deed cheapens the memory of Casey and other fallen soldiers. . . .

One must stand back in amazement at how victimhood can turn a grieving mother into a statesman.

I have no use for Mrs. Sheehan. . . . Sheehan "now appears to be promoting her own personal agenda and notoriety at the the expense of her son's good name and reputation," . . . Mrs. Sheehan's actions discredit and undermine the work so many fallen soldiers works hard for. Those people just do not make the story flow like the left wants.

The remarkably humorous bit of all of this is that while Mrs. Sheehan is using the body of a dead solider to get her fifteen minutes of fame, Mrs. Sheehan is letting that body be used . . . But he did not die in vain. Iraq will be free. And in September we will all go back to forgetting who Cindy Sheehan is, not that we ever cared to begin with, and we will remain in Iraq.
Those comments come from Red They have no shame.
This is a shameful thing to have on your site. A truly vile and rephrensible thing. Mrs. Sheehan lost her son in combat fighting for this country. To call her a "left-wing whore" will affect how people see you and your site. Even your readers disagree with the sentiments here and their expression.

It is very simple: Mrs. Sheehan lost her son in Sadr City, Iraq as a member of the 1st Cav. She is due the respect given to all mothers of fallen soldiers. Anyone who attacks her personally attacks her son and his service. Nasty words written by a coward on a blog says more about that person than it can ever say about Mrs. Sheehan.

Ressurect her son, and you can say whatever you want.

Failing that, respect her as a Gold Star Mother and respect her sacrifice.

I wrote the following to the "author" of this post:

You should be ashamed of yourself for writing those hateful words.

Mrs. Sheehan, regardless of her politics, lost her son fighting for this country and your disrespect for her and her son's service is revolting. And by disrepecting her, you disrespect her son and his service. If he were alive and you called his mother a whore to her face, do you think he would thank you? But you would never do such a thing, because people like you never, ever do. Cowardice drips from your words.

So if we're winning in Iraq, what have you done to help that process? Serve in Iraq? Work for Halliburton?

If not, you are hardly in a positon to criticize a woman who lost her son in combat, regardless of her politics.

Those despicable words come from a coward, so willing to attack a mother on the internet. But, is he willing to going fight in Iraq?

Update: Erick of apologize for calling Cindy Sheehan a ‘media whore’ but stand by the rest of this drivel.


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