August 8, 2005

Rev. Jerry Falwell: Vote Christian in 2008

It is no longer the “vote for the GOP” for Rev. Jerry Falwell, now it is “Vote Christian”.
As part of a bid to revive his Reagan-era conservative powerhouse, the Rev. Jerry Falwell, Moral Majority leader, is urging Americans to "vote Christian" in 2008.

"As national chairman of the Moral Majority Coalition, I am committed to lending my influence to help turn out at least 40 million 'faith and values' voters in 2008 to assure that Sen. Hillary Clinton, or someone of her ultra-liberal ilk, will never be president of this nation," Falwell wrote in a recent mass fund-raising letter.

The letter comes with a car window sticker declaring "I Vote Christian."

Falwell wrote that his goal "is to utilize the momentum of the sweeping conservative mandate of the November 2, 2004, elections to maintain a faith and values 'revolution' of voters who will continue to go to the polls to 'vote Christian' and call America back to God." He added, "Everyone now knows that the stage is set for the church of Jesus Christ to turn this nation back to the faith of our fathers and the Judeo-Christian ethic."
Rev. Falwell and this evangelicals supporters claim the Republican party as their own political party for Christians.
"The Republican Party does not have the head count to elect a president without the support of religious conservatives," Falwell said at an election training conference of the Christian Coalition.

Falwell said evangelical Christians are now "by far the largest constituency" within the Republican Party, their route to dominance beginning in 1979 with his founding of the Moral Majority, a precursor to the Christian Coalition.

"I tell my Republican friends who are always talking about the 'big tent,' I say make it as big as you want to, but if the candidate running for president is not pro-life, pro-family . . . you're not going to win," he said.
Religious Conservatives like Rev. Jerry Falwell now have the power to rename the GOP as the Christian Party. It is no longer the Party of Lincoln, now it is the party of ilk of Falwell, Robertson, and Dobson.

As a Christian, this is truly disgusting.


At August 10, 2005 8:29 AM, Blogger Dignan said...

Eloy: This goes both ways. Those on the other side are guilty of the same thing as I wrote here.

At August 10, 2005 1:29 PM, Blogger Eloy said...

I also rather see more humility in the public sphere but Falwell, Robertson, and Dobson are beyond any reasonable dialogue with liberal Christians, they rather attack, slander, lie, and condemn to keep their political power and wealth.


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