August 10, 2005

Does Dick Morris believe Dick Morris Latest Rambling?

According to Dick Morris, Senator Clinton might pull out of the Senate race in New York if Jeanine Pirro make some early gains.
Dick Morris writes that against Pirro, Sen. Clinton will be "disarmed of all her best issues" and that if Pirro posts some early gains, particularly upstate, where it is cheap to do early advertising, Hillary and Bill may read the handwriting on the wall and she may pull out of the race."
Oh really, lets take a trip to the past predictions by Dick Morris about Senator Clinton.
My god. Words fail me. This guy is supposed to be some kind of political savant?

Dick Morris is a man who confidently predicted - no, not predicted, said with certainty - that Hillary was going to enter the 2004 presidential race. Then he said that Wesley Clark was a stalking horse, who had been retained by the Clintons to muddy the primary waters so that Clinton could rush in at the last moment and get the nomination. Then he said that Hillary was going to demand that Kerry give her the VP nomination.
Paul Waldman over at the Gadflyer ask the following question, Is Dick Morris stupidest columnist alive?

Well, Dick Morris is right up there with Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter.

Does Dick Morris believe Dick Morris latest rambling? Yes


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