April 26, 2005

Bush, Delay & Texas

While on the Social Security bamboozle President Bush declares this support for Tom Delay.

DeLay was included in the event held near his congressional district — and offered a ride back to Washington on Air Force One along with a few other Texas Republicans — to show that "the president appreciates his leadership in the House," White House press secretary Scott McClellan said.

Bush said just that in his remarks. "I appreciate the leadership of Congressman Tom DeLay in working on important issues that matter to the country," he said.

The president also took care to note that he had talked privately backstage with DeLay, "who kindly joined us today." [...]

Far from trying to distance Bush from DeLay's troubles, the White House has repeatedly responded to criticism from Democrats with steadfast support for the majority leader. Asked today by reporters how strongly Bush was backing DeLay, McClellan said, "Strongly as he ever has, which is strongly."
The Fort Bend County Republican Party Chairman thinks Tom Delay is unbeatable in the State of Texas.

Democrat Richard Morrison pulled 41 percent against DeLay last November, but on Monday ruled against a rematch, citing family and financial obligations.

"No man is invincible. Things have changed in the district," Morrison said before announcing that he wouldn't run.

Fort Bend County Republican Party Chairman Eric Thode disagrees.

"Tom DeLay will not be beaten by a Democrat," Thode said. "It would take a well funded, credible, solid opponent — and that individual is not out here."
President Bush and Tom Delay might be unbeatable in Texas, but Republican Party in the rest of America is very beatable with Bush pushing is privatization of SS and failures on economic and foreign policy, and with Tom Delay, Bill First war on judges the Democratic Party will back in the majority.

The Democratic party will have well funded, credible, solid opponents versus President Bush, Tom Delay, Bill First GOP.

The next two elections in 2006 & 2008 will be national elections versus the failed, moral-less, corrupt leadership of the GOP.


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