April 25, 2005

Third Party in 2008?

Will the use of the internet/blogs lead to a serious third-party presidential bid in 2008? Joe Trippi said yes.
Joe Trippi, a principal architect of Howard Dean's breakthrough Internet strategy in the 2004 Democratic presidential campaign, is one of many analysts who believe that may soon change. The Internet, he says, could ignite a serious third-party presidential bid in 2008.

"This is a very disruptive technology," says Trippi. "And it is going to be very destabilizing to the political establishment of both parties."
What would it take for a independent third party to make a Presidential run?
The Internet could allow an independent candidate to more easily identify an audience and financial base, just as it has allowed blogs like the liberal Daily Kos or conservative InstaPundit to find a community of like-minded readers. More precisely, the Internet has allowed readers to find those blogs. And because the audience mostly finds the product, rather than the other way around, the cost of entering the market is radically reduced.
Trippi believes an independent presidential candidate who struck a chord could organize support through the Internet just as inexpensively. "Somebody could come along and raise $200 million and have 600,000 people on the streets working for them without any party structure in the blink of an eye," he says.
Will the independent third party make a run to the left or right? Joe Trippi

"We are now moving toward a very dangerous place for both parties," he says. "It is becoming much more possible for an independent or third party to emerge because they are leaving so much space in the middle."
According to Ronald Brownstein if Joe Trippi is right, the politicians can take the center is ....

In such an environment, imagine the options available to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) if he doesn't win the 2008 Republican nomination, and former Democratic Sen. Bob Kerrey of Nebraska, now that he's dropped his flirtation with running for mayor of New York. If the two Vietnam veterans joined for an all-maverick independent ticket, they might inspire a gold rush of online support -- and make the two national parties the latest example of the Internet's ability to threaten seemingly impregnable institutions.
I do not think a so called "all-maverick independent ticket" of McCain and Kerrey will have a strong internet fund raising base, it would have a strong elite media base. I like Joe Trippi, but I think he is wrong. The political center is not defined and plus why would a bunch of centrist/swing voters who do not follow politics be willing to spend day and night working for candidates?


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