February 7, 2008

Top Five

A quick rundown of the posts I have read during my travels around the series of tubes.

- Think Progress: Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain broken his pledged to return to the Senate and vote on the economic stimulus package. So, what happen to the Straight Talk Express?

- The Carpetbagger Report: Steve Benen covers all of the angles of Hilary Clinton’s money troubles.

- Election Central: The Hilary Clinton Campaign is getting desperate.
Hillary campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle has sent an open letter to the Obama camp, stepping up their debate challenge. The letter argues that voters should get to see more than a single one-on-one debate between the two, and that the two of them should have one debate a week for the next five weeks starting this weekend.

One particular proposed venue would definitely be a sticking point with a lot of Democratic activists: "Senator Clinton believes voters should have more than one opportunity to see the candidates discuss the issues and has accepted five debates between now and March 4th from CNN, MSNBC, WJLA, ABC and Fox News."
- Huffington Post: Hilary Clinton might be ready on day one, but what about after the first day in office?

- Fan House: Shaquille O'Neal is back in the Western Conference.


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