February 1, 2008

Top Five

A quick rundown of the posts I have read during my travels around the series of tubes.

- Will Durst: Its funny because its true.
During George Bush's last State of the Union Address, he received his biggest response for announcing this was his last State of the Union Address.
- Think Progress: When did calling someone Juan become funny?

- Marc Ambinder: Who won last night Democratic debate?
I was tempted to call this encounter a draw but I am mindful that there are no zero sum debates in presidential politics.

And twenty minutes of Iraq happened. And so I’ll give Obama the edge. Clinton was forced, for about 20 minutes, to recapitulate her vote on Iraq, over and over again. It was tough for her. She seemed to mire herself in the details of history. [..]

Obama really gives a great answer on the war, talking about the mindset differences between himself and Clinton and stressing the need for a date certain. He’s found a way to create daylight between himself and Clinton on withdrawing from Iraq.
- Open Left: Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez does the right thing and by withdrawing his endorsement of Democratic Congressman Lipinski for the upcoming primary. Congressman Lipinski continues to vote like Republicans Sensenbrenner and Tancredo on immigration while supporting the Republican minority on Iraq. It’s time to send more and better Democrats to Congress. Vote for Mark Pera in the Illinois Democratic primary for the 3rd Congressional District.

- Fan House: There is no love lost between the New York Football Giants and Tiki Barber.


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