February 12, 2008

Clinton’s Campaign Rhetoric Insults my Intelligence

I’m not naïve. I know that spin and rhetoric is part of running a campaign, but it is getting to the point that Clinton’s rhetoric is no longer base on reality. Hillary Clinton and her staff are willing to say anything with a straight face. Mark Penn latest spin would make Karl Rove blush.
"Senator Obama has in fact never had a serious Republican challenger."
The same thing can be said about Hillary Clinton and her Senate campaigns. Does Mark Penn count Bill Clinton’s victories over Bob Dole and George H. W. Bush in the Hillary column? Obama won a contested Democratic primary in Illinois and faced a strong Republican opposition in an open seat. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton had a cleared field in New York Democratic primary. In both cases, the leading Republican candidates dropped out and they won their Senate seats by large margins.

It gets worse, Hillary Clinton campaign pollster/strategist Mark Penn no longer believes in polls. This is like GOP stop believing tax cuts and Ronald Reagan. Even Hillary Clinton is getting into the act.
“I think that both Michigan and Florida should count, because these are two states we have to carry,” she said. “This is not about so much as the ins and outs of the Democratic National Committee as to whether the Democrats are going to win in the fall.

“In Michigan, all of us had a chance to leave our names on the ballot – I chose to do so,” she continued. “My opponents ran a very vigorous campaign to get people to vote ‘uncontested.’ There was a campaign going on – it was a campaign against me, and I still won a majority.
This is dishonorable. Clinton’s campaign manger backed the DNC decision to strip Florida and Michigan of their delegates if they refused to return their primaries to their original dates.
We believe Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina play a unique and special role in the nominating process, and we believe the DNC's rules and its calendar provide the necessary structure to respect and honor that role."
The Clinton’s campaign could have voice their concerns then and forced the DNC change their policy, but they and the other campaigns went along with the DNC’s rules. It rings hollow now to make a big deal about Florida, Michigan and the election results when you had a chance to bring about real change in the process. The Clinton’s campaign is willing to trash any rules in the pursuit of power.


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