January 24, 2008

Top Five

A quick rundown of the posts I have read during my travels around the series of tubes.

- Think Progress: Why does Fox News host John Gibson still have a job? Oh yeah, he works for Fox News where it’s ok to mock the death of a young man with gay jokes.

- The Carpetbagger Report: The more time Rudy Giuliani spends in the Sunshine State the more this poll numbers go down.

- Political Wire: If I was one of Mitt Romney sons, I would be pretty piss off if he does not win the Presidency.

- MyDD: Another Republican leaves the House rather than facing a strong Democratic challenger. With this latest retirement, House Republicans must now defend an even 24 open seats this cycle.

- Fan House: If these charges are true, this hockey mom went too far in her support of the team. It’s one thing to have a victory party, but you don’t have to provide the drugs, sex and beer.


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