January 24, 2008

Once again, President Clinton is playing the media for fools.

Election Central:
Must-see TV: Bill lays into a reporter big time, suggesting that those covering the racial dust-ups, rather than the issues, are proving that they're "determined to take this election away" from the people of South Carolina...

This is pure spin from a master political operative.

Bill Clinton is laying the groundwork to discredit an Obama victory in South Carolina. Just like in New Hampshire and Nevada, Bill Clinton is playing the media for suckers. In New Hampshire, Bill Clinton claimed if Senator Clinton loss it is due to the fact that she is not a male or tall enough. In Nevada, Bill Clinton declared Unions supporting Obama has an unfair advantage.

Now, the Clinton(s) campaign is going to try discredit Senator Obama victory this Saturday because the media is playing the so called race card and not covering the important issues facing the American people. In the Clinton(s) world, Senator Obama win does not really count if margin of victory is on the backs of the African-American vote.

I have lost all respect for this man.


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