January 29, 2008

3-Way Tie in the Florida Democratic Primary

With the results coming in the Florida Democratic Primary, Clinton, Edwards and Obama are in a 3-way tie in the delegates count.
Total Number of Delegates in Florida – 0

Edwards - 0

Clinton - 0

Obama - 0
As it stands now, the Democratic Primary is a delegate battle for the nomination. The Florida Democratic Party, the Michigan Democratic Party and their leaders did a great disservice to their states. Their cause was a noble one to stop the monopoly of Iowa and New Hampshire. Which I agree with, their domination in the Presidential process must stop. By not following the Democratic National Committee regulations, Florida and Michigan was stripped of all of their delegates.

Those states should have followed the rules and had their primaries the earliest possible which is February 5th. All of the 3 Democratic Candidates would have been in Florida and Michigan campaigning rather than ignoring them due to pledge they took not to campaign in those states.

It pure stupidity, the Presidential nominating process needs to be fixed. So, the next time there is a real campaign in Florida and Michigan.


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