March 26, 2007

Coming to a Theater Near You

Defeated Republican Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania wants to bring this Conservative rants to the big screen.
Less than three months removed from his congressional career, the former Pennsylvania senator said in an interview last week that he is planning two film projects in part to counter what he characterized as the stream of left-wing documentaries coming from Hollywood and independent filmmakers.

The first project, Santorum said, would explore the relationship between radical Islam and the radical leftists in various countries around the world, including Latin America. It would be about an hour in length.

The second would be a longer, broader documentary that he said would aim to ''change the culture of America.'' He declined to go into specifics about the proposal.
I doubt Rick Santorum’s movies would have the same impact as Al Gore or Michael Moore’s documentaries. If he is lucky, Fox news will run this documentary and Wal-mart will have this DVD in the special sales bin for $4.99.


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