December 18, 2006

Toy Soldiers

The men and women of the American military are not toy soldiers. They are real people with real lives and real families. But, to a certain group of people the American military are just toy soldiers on a map easily moved to one corner of the world to an other. One of these people is Robert Pollock of Wall Street Journal's editorial board:
RILEY: Well, I'd like to, personally. I think the president would like to. But I just think that the political reality here would make it very difficult for Bush to do that. Kagan's plan calls for increasing troop levels by some 35,000 over the next two years. In '07? In the run-up to a presidential election? And when congressmen --

POLLOCK: All that means is decreasing -- all that means is decreasing the length of some breaks from tours of duty and increasing the lengths of some tours of duty. That's not a hard thing to do when you've got 1.4 million troops.
For a person unwilling to sacrifice anything to ask men and women of the military to sacrifice even more is disgusting.


At December 21, 2006 4:12 PM, Anonymous dtfromdc said...

Im not going to even adress the above statement because I sincerely don't feel that a majority of the troops feel that way. Also... I spoke to a former lobbyist earlier this week regarding 5 day work weeks at the Hill and he told me "Thats not going to last, there is no way they would be able to get their work done..." He went on to say how the real job of a Congressman doesnt take place in Washington. Which is what i've been saying this whole time. Its a pure political stunt that will last as long as they need it to and they will go back to the traditional ways.

At December 22, 2006 11:54 AM, Blogger Eloy said...

Please, do not twist my words. I was not referring sentiment of the troops rather to the groupthink of neoconservatives and supporters of military escalation in Iraq. Robert Pollock thinks easy to ask the men and women of the military to decreasing the length of some breaks from tours of duty and increasing the lengths of some tours of duty.

It very easy for him and this ilk to demand the military to sacrifice even more, it does not effect him one bit. But, ask the family members of the troops if it’s easy to have there love ones in a war zone for longer periods of time and once they get back to ask them to go right back to the war zone. I find it disgusting that some people think the military as toy soldiers easily deploy at the whim of their ideology.


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