December 13, 2006

The Democratic Party Put the ..

... beat down on the GOP.
Democrats now have 233 seats in the 110th congress, more than Republicans have had since 1952. the Republican "revolution" never secured this large a majority in the House. We beat them. We did better than they ever did. So much for the vaunted Republican political machine, which recorded record voter contacts, record fundraising, and record early voting this cycle. With their best effort, we beat them harder than they ever beat us.
Victory is sweet.


At December 13, 2006 11:00 PM, Anonymous DtfromDC said...

The Democrats still have far to go before running a well equipped campaign. The Democrats still have a little less than 10 million fewer voter profiles in their database program. The Republicans had less emphasis on using this program this year than years past. Also, the Democrats did not develope a very well organized grassroots deployment program. The Republicans deployed approximately 10,000 paid volunteers at the least from the RNC Headquarters in Washington. Thousands went to Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, etc. The programs in Ohio and Pennsylvania were too little too late;however, I attribute TN to the RNC deployment program.


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