December 8, 2006

So Long ...

... Farewell to 109th Congress.
Oh, you sweet 109th Congress. We hate to see you go!

That's a minority opinion, of course. Some three-quarters of Americans think you've done a horrible job. Some even say, with all your (admitted) boozing, (alleged) whoring and (convicted) extortion, you're the worst Congress ever. And frankly, if we didn't know you so well, we'd probably agree with them.

You did only manage to stumble in to work 218 days over the past two years. And your inbox certainly piled up: there's all that intelligence you never questioned, a sprawling disaster of a war you didn't oversee, and of course the largest, most complex government budget in the history of the world, which you failed to rein in -- this year, you didn't even complete it.

And some of you simply lacked the credibility to do your jobs. Like the intelligence chairman who hunted for WMDs in Iraq even after the most ardent WMD-believers in the administration had given up the ghost. Or the most senior lawmaker for environmental issues who insists global warming proponents are brainwashers.

But the haters don't remember how much you've given. A whopping 19 members offered yourselves up for federal investigation! And what goodies you showered us with along the way: The fake charities, the cash in the freezer, the IM chats, the bribe menu, the FBI raids (oh, the raids!). And the hooker rumors, the sudden trips to rehab, the junkets to forced-abortion sweatshop islands, the "prosecutors have assured me I am not a target of any investigations"-s. When is a fundraiser not a fundraiser? You pondered this kind of question. You used your wives to take money you couldn't. And we'll treasure forever your many, many, many, many, many resignations
(Via TPMmuckraker)

They remain bitter to the very end.
"House Democrats have spent every waking moment of the past Congress obstructing any effort towards progress," said Kevin Madden, spokesman for House Majority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio. "They have tried to blow up the tracks on immigration reform, tax relief, earmark reform, you name it.

Madden added, "And now in the last few days of this Congress where they have a chance to help make progress, they decide instead to abdicate their responsibilities and play the blame game. Just goes to show they're a party of zero ideas and zero action."
Disgusting. The House Republicans are blaming there incompetence and failures on the Democratic minority in Congress. Rather than owning up to their incompetence the GOP is going out like a spoiled child crying, whining and passing the blame on anyone but themselves. There act might be funny but, the sad fact is that the damage they done America is going to take years to fix. They are still shameless.


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