August 15, 2005

The Terrorist Win ...

...Democrats, Al Jareera, evildoers, and the rest of American enemies win.

According to Kathleen Parker, if President Bush meets with Cindy Sheehan, the terrorists win.
Bush, regardless of what he personally might wish to do, has responsibilities that far exceed the crowd gathering beyond his Prairie Chapel Ranch.

Once he allows himself to be captured in a video clip or a photograph, recoiling from the agony of a bereaved mother, the world is in greater danger. Democrats might be delighted to freeze that image in political time, but so would insurgents planning their next Baghdad ambush.
It is not all about winning the war on terror for Kathleen Parker, meeting with Cindy Sheehan might also help out Democrats and Al Jazeera win also.
He can't because what Sheehan's anti-war supporters want is neither a hug nor a few words of comfort. They want a confrontation - a wrenching, sobbing, high-noon showdown - soon to be a Democratic political ad and Al Jazeera headline for the foreseeable future.
Finally, Kathleen Parker tells us compassionate conservatism was all a lie to win votes.
I wanted him to hug her and to say how deeply sorry he is for her loss. I wanted him to face the cameras and, choking back emotion, to tell the world how much he cares for every single son and daughter serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. And then I wanted him to be Tony Blair and say all the right things in just the right way so that Cindy Sheehan could return home to Vacaville, Calif., and begin to heal.

But, Bush is not Tony Blair, as intelligent design would have it. And he's not coming out because he can't, though he might have in that first instant, before the crowds arrived. He probably wishes he had. Then again, he did meet with Sheehan on another occasion, in private with other military parents, but Sheehan wasn't satisfied.
President Bush intelligent design won’t let him show any compassion?

President Bush can go on with this life and continue to ride this bike, show no compassion knowing there is always going to be people out there like Kathleen Parker making excuse for this actions. Hey, it is part of this intelligent design ... the buck does not stop on this desk.


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