July 8, 2005

Sen. Coburn, Terri Schiavo & Medical Files

Coburn says Schiavo autopsy's inaccurate.
"I have on my desk a complete medical file of Terri Schiavo, and I would challenge the accuracy of many of the statements by people involved in that case in terms of her medical condition, and I would also challenge some of the autopsy findings based on what I have on my desk in Washington," Coburn said.
What is Senator Tom Coburn doing with the medical files of Terri Schiavo? The obstetrician and gynecologist turn politician is not trained as a pathologist or medical examiner and he has not examined Terri Schiavo body.

If Senator Coburn find inaccuracies in the medical files, he should share them with is fellow Senator, Bill Frist. Who agree with the finding of the autopsy.
Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., who also is a physician, said in a speech on the Senate floor: "That is not somebody in a persistent vegetative state. . . . I question it based on the review of the video footage."

After the autopsy results were released, Frist appeared on three network television shows, agreed with the findings of the autopsy and distanced himself from his earlier comments.

"I never, never, on the floor of the Senate made a diagnosis, nor would I ever do that," he told NBC's "Today" show.
Or is the Senator Frist going to flip flop after hear about Senator Coburn remarks about Terri Schiavo?


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