June 26, 2005

Obama on Bush Anti-Intellectualism

Senator Barack Obama on glorification of anti-intellectualism.
"Our kids aren't just seeing these temptations at home, they're seeing them everywhere. Whether it's their friend's house or the people they see on television or a general culture that glorifies anti-intellectualism, so that we have a president that brags about getting Cs. It trickles down, that attitude," Obama said.
One of the leaders of glorification of anti-intellectualism is our dear President.
Now, Mark McClellan, he's -- you got to have a smart guy around you all the time, and he happens to be one. He's a PhD -- yes, he's got a PhD and a medical degree. Now, for those of you who are interested to know how government works, I want you to pay attention to this. See, he's got the PhD and the medical degree, and I'm the C student. (Laughter.) Notice who's the advisor and who's the President. (Laughter.
Well, President Bush. Not, all of us had rich Senator as a Grandfather and Father who would become President growing up. Not, all of us had this father rich friends set up business after business for us. Not, all of us had the ability to drink and wastes most of our adult life without any consequences. It is fine for you to show no interest in education and intellectualism in order to succeed.

People like Senator Obama use this education and this intellectualism to pull himself up by this boot straps. As you glorify your anti-intellectualism in order to pander to like minded people, you are doing a disservices to children who only hope to pull themselves up is education and their intellectualism.


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