July 12, 2005

IL Gov: DUI & GOP Infighting

Illinois State Senator Steven J. Rauschenberger of Elgin is running for the Republican nomination for Governor, Republican National Committeeman Robert Kjellander think Rauschenberger is a hypocrite.
Republican National Committeeman Robert Kjellander returned a request for a political donation to Rauschenberger's campaign with the note, "Anybody who gets behind the wheel of a car drunk doesn't belong in the state Senate, much less the governor's mansion."

In an interview with the Sun-Times, Kjellander called Rauschenberger "holier than thou," a "hypocrite" and an "also-ran" who is "not going anywhere." But he denied he was trying to force him from the race.

"I am trying to send him a message: Quit soliciting me," Kjellander said. "He runs around the state attacking me for being a lobbyist, and yet my office gets inundated with requests from him for money. All us evil lobbyists, we're not good enough to hold office, but we're good enough to solicit money from."
Robert Kjellander has a point, if you are going to run around the state bashing Kjellander for being a lobbyist then hit him up for money, then you are a hypocrite.
Kjellander also said it’s “hypocritical” for Rauschenberger to criticize him for taking lobbying fees when Rauschenberger collected “consulting fees” from lobbying firms while a state senator.
State Sen. Steve Rauschenberger call the attack on him character assassination.
Potential Republican gubernatorial hopeful Steve Rauschenberger accused a top party leader Monday of "character assassination" for sending Rauschenberger's political team a note rehashing the state senator's 1994 arrest for drunken driving.

"That was an attempt to intimidate me," Rauschenberger said. "I am extraordinarily embarrassed by my failure in judgment of more than 10 years ago. It was a terrible mistake, but I will not be bullied out of this race." [..]

The Elgin Republican was arrested in west suburban Bartlett in 1994. He said he was on his way home from a GOP fund-raising event at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Chicago. His blood-alcohol level tested at 0.12. The legal limit was then 0.10 but has since been lowered to 0.08.

Rauschenberger said his license was revoked for 30 days, and he underwent court-ordered counseling. He said he has supported 21 bills supported by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.

"I do not have a drinking problem today," he said. "In my opinion, I did not have a substantial drinking problem before the arrest. It was a stupid mistake."
Robert Kjellander calls out Steve Rauschenberger for this DUI, but he raise money for Bush-Cheney reelection who both were arrested for drunken driving.
Noting Kjellander's "litmus test" for the governor's race, Rauschenberger questioned whether Kjellander, who ran President Bush's re-election campaign in the Midwest, believes Bush or Vice President Dick Cheney " 'belong' in the positions they currently hold?"

Bush had a DUI conviction in 1976 and Cheney two driving while intoxicated offenses in the early 1960s.

"We're talking about the governor's race," Kjellander told the Sun-Times. "The president was elected. Everyone knew about it. If Steve gets elected with a DUI, fine. I'm just saying I don't believe it's going to happen."

Kjellander defends Bush and Cheney, ‘DUI arrest took place, while Bush and Cheney were young.’ Rauschenberger and Kjellander are making fools out of themselves, and yes they are both hypocrites too.


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