June 25, 2005

Conservatives vs. ‘Real’ Conservatives

I received this comment on my blog on a diary I wrote called, None Dare Call It Treason.

I wrote ...

At the time, I never knew how despicable the Conservative movement was. I never image the depth of their corruptness, lack of ethic, morals and their utter disgust of Americans and their liberal principles.

Mr. Bugliosi ask the question, can we be serene about continuing to place the adjective "great" before the name of this country? Thanks to the American Conservatives and the Bush Presidency, America can no longer be called great.

Then, mississippi scott left a comment ...
I agree that these people have damaged our country in ways we haven't even seen yet -

but to call them conservatives, I think, is inaccurate. Real conservatives are as disgusted by this crap as we are (though for different reasons).
Mississippi Scott use the word we in this comment, so I am making the assumption we are both liberals. I use the term conservative in the diary due to the fact, Karl Rove use word conservative to describe himself and this supporters in this latest attack on Liberals. Mississippi Scott thinks called them conservatives is inaccurate and ‘real’ conservative are disgusted by this crap.

I hear this logical on the right and few people on the left, that ‘real’ conservatives are disgusted by President Bush and the modern GOP. Who are these ‘real’ conservatives? Is it John McCain or Pat Buchanan? Both of them are conservatives, but are they real conservatives?

I disagree with Mississippi Scott, I use the term conservative accurately in my diary. The face of American conservatism is the face of Karl Rove, President Bush and the rest of GOP leadership in Congress, Media and Christian right.

The logic of ’real’ conservatives versus conservatives is flawed in political terms. All of the Leadership of GOP is conservative and should be hold accountable for their failures. If you call yourself a ‘real’ conservative and you are disgust at the GOP, then stop calling yourself conservative.


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