May 3, 2005

God Told Me To Dump You!

Hey, how can you argue about getting blowoff by a female, if she said God doesn’t want me to be dating you right now.
While this is wildly anecdotal and a statistically ridiculous sample size to boot, I also thought of the funniest dating blowoff I ever got, from a doctor who was an Air Force officer and Academy alumna. We went out two-three times maybe 11 years ago, having met through mutual friends, also Air Force officers (who were not evangelicals). After about the third or fourth date I called her up, and got a blowoff that began, "I'm a Christian" (something I've never understood, how evangelicals feel they have to distinguish themselves from Catholics by saying they're Christians - I always thought we Catholics were not only Christians, but were Christians even before Martin Luther visited his local hardware store for the hammer and nails; amazing how many evangelicals forget that part). Anyway, she proceeded to go through this litany of things happening in her life, blah blah blah, and concluded with, "So anyway, I just feel that God doesn't want me to be dating you right now." I suppose if I'd been more callous I would've come back with, "Oh yeah? Well *I* was talking to God this morning and he said to shut up and start putting out!" But I didn't.
That harsh. Not only she does not like you but God himself does not want you to be dating her.


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