April 30, 2005

Is drinking beer as part of a Healthy Diet?

Portuguese gym-goers urged to drink beer
LISBON (AFP) - Portuguese gym-goers are being urged to drink beer as part of a healthy diet in a campaign launched by the nation's main association of producers of the alcoholic beverage.

A total of 20,000 fliers outlining the health benefits of drinking up to two bottles of beer per day will be handed out to patrons arriving at gyms in Lisbon and Oporto, the nation's second-largest city, by Friday, according to the Portuguese Association of Beer Producers.

The goal is to "draw attention to some less well-known aspects of beer, such as its agricultural origins, its nutritional value and health benefits when drunk in moderation and responsibly", it said in a statement.

The fliers, which feature a smiling young woman jumping rope beside an image of a large glass of beer, point out that a 200 millitre (six fluid ounce) glass of beer has less calories than a quarter litre (quarter pint) cup of sugarless orange juice or a similar sized cup of milk.

"Forget the myth of the 'beer gut' because it is just that: a myth," it reads.
Hey, it works for me. Pass me an other beer, hold the jump rope. American Beer Producers skip the jump rope and just use the smiling girl to sale the beer.


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