April 21, 2005

Sen. Allard: Minuteman Should Be Deputies

Republican Senator Wayne Allard want to deputizing the Minuteman.
A Republican senator said Wednesday the government should consider deputizing private citizens, like the Minuteman Patrol in Arizona, to help secure U.S. borders.

Sen. Wayne Allard, R-Colo., said the U.S. Border Patrol also should look to local law enforcement and state officials for help along the most porous parts of the U.S.-Mexico line.

"I wonder sometimes if maybe we're not looking too much to a federal solution," Allard told Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing.

"I happen to believe that those people down along the border that formed the Minutemen organization have some real concerns," Allard said.
Great Senator, rather than training and hiring real boarder agents you want to deputize a bunch of armature cowboys. This is not the old wild wild west!

The Minuteman declare victory.
"Because of the phenomenal success of this grass-roots project in such a short time, the Minuteman Project has declared an unconditional victory in its efforts," he said in an open letter to supporters Wednesday. "We have simultaneously brought national awareness to our national security crisis, of which porous borders and illegal alien and drug traffic are components. The Minuteman Project will take the next few months to reorganize, expand, and to become larger, better, stronger."
The Minuteman want to become larger, better and stronger and a sitting U.S Senator want to make them federal agents. I am at a loss of words.


At April 21, 2005 3:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On Larry Elder’s show Wednesday night Larry said that the minutemen had reduced criminal immigration by 75%!. Or the rate of criminals crossing the border was only 25% of what it had been before the Minuteman Project! Sounds very positive!

Rod Stanton


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