February 27, 2008

Hillary, It’s your turn to Reject & Denounce

Hillary Clinton, it’s time for you to step up and reject and denounce Adelfa Callejo for her racist remarks about Senator Obama and African-American politicians. During an interview with KTVT in Dallas, Hillary Clinton was asked about Adelfa Callejo who was quoted saying "Obama's problem is that he happens to be black."
She was asked by KTVT in Dallas about a Latina backer who said that black politicians never do anything for Hispanics. Her name is Adelfa Callejo. Apparently she’s 84.
[The question: "She recently told us that African-Americans never help Hispanics when they gain power and influence and that she would never vote for Sen. Obama, and now quoting here she said 'Obama’s problem is that he happens to be black.' How do you react to those comments?"]

The newscaster quoted her saying “Obama’s problem is that he happens to be black.”
Rather than doing the right thing and reject and denounce her comments of her supporter, she laughed it off, according to the transcripts of the interview.
Clinton: "Well obviously I want us judged on our merits. I believe strongly that the fact that we have an Aftrican Ameircan and a woman running for the Democratic niomination is historical and I'm very very proud of that . I wantpeople thought to look beyond, look beyond race and gender, look at our records, look what we stand for, look what we've done and I think that;s what most voters ar looking for."

Q (paraphrase) Is this something you reject and denounce?

"People have every reason to express their opinions. I just don't agree with that. I think that we should be looking at the individuals who are running."

Q - Do you still want her support, though?

Clinton laughed and said, "You know This is a free country. People get to express their opinions. A lot of folks have said really unpleasant things about me over the course of this campaign. You can' take any of that as anything other than an individual opinion."

"I would urge all of my supporters and Sen. Obama's supporters to stay focused on the two of us,. Don't vote on race don't vote on gender, vote on the qualifications each of us present for the presidency."

Q- But you criticized Obama for not rejecting the support from Farrakhan.

"I don't see any comparison at all with what you're referring to and I don't know the facts of what you're telling me over the TV. So I'm just going to repeat that I want people to judge us on the merits."
Well, you are right. There is no comparison between Farrakhan and Callejo. One is an active supporter and involved in your campaign and the other is an private citizen who has no ties to Obama and his campaign.

Shame on you, Hillary Clinton.

It is not good enough, to send a spokesman after the fact to clarify your statements.
Clinton spokesman Doug Hattaway called to say Clinton hadn't heard about the incident, and neither he nor I has confirmed that the TV report was accurate.

"If it was actually said, of course she rejects and denounces it," Hattaway said.
Go and the TV in Texas and reject and denounce Adelfa Callejo and the politics of Karl Rove.

Hillary, Bill Clinton and the whole Clinton campaign needs to go away for the good of the Democratic Party and for the good for American people.

I can’t wait in till March 4th, where the voters will get the chance to reject and denounce Hillary Clinton.


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